Inspiring Change
What sets us apart from other project teams is our desire to share what we learn with other students and members of the greater Ithaca community.
Ready, Set, Make!
Inspiring future generations.

Ready, Set, Make is an annual make-a-thon our team hosts for 5th and 6th grade students! We invite students in the local community to Cornell and how they can use design thinking to solve problems that they encounter. Their energy and creativity was contagious, and team members and kids alike were building incredible prototypes out of cardboard and craft supplies! DTI partnered with Makerspace to give an introduction to 3D printing using Tinkercad.

DTI Blueprint
Fostering Mentorship.

DTI Blueprint is a training program designed to teach students about design and product thinking from team members’ own experience. Over several weeks, DTI team members gave workshops on concepts like user research, product ideation, and minimum viable products. Students formed groups and brainstormed a problem to solve on campus and came up with a testable solution.

Events & Workshops
Our presence on campus.

We are constantly trying to find ways to expand beyond our team and help the community through holding workshops and events. In the past, we have held workshops on UX Research, building a website portfolio, and more!